In Search of the Perfect Picture

Posted by: , July 3, 2008 in 1:38 pm

Sony Cyber-ShotSony Cyber-Shot

Always in search of the “perfect picture” of my three kids, I have tried many digital cameras and still can’t get it right. I still long for the good ‘ole days when I used an inexpensive, idiot-proof camera that was loaded with film. But, seeing as how everyone and their grandmother now uses a digital camera, I decided to get on board and find the best one for me.

In comes the Sony Cyber-Shot. After testing this camera for a few weeks, at multiple events and with various moving and non-moving subjects, I found it to be the ideal camera for the digitally-challenged. Even when trying to get a great candid shot of my two older kids (who never stop moving except for when they sleep), the Cyber-shot consistently took great, clear pictures. The camera comeswith software that’s very simple to install on your computer,even I could do it! It made downloading and editing pictures a breeze. When I let my 6-year old take some pictures and he had no problem using it, I knew this was the camera for me. With the tough, titanium-coated case, I didn’t have to worry about it breaking when he accidentally dropped it (although I wouldn’t recommend trying that repeatedly).
The camera comes in a variety of colors; red, gold, silver and black and the price at $249.99 is reasonable considering all that you are getting.
Overall, the picture quality, ease of use and cool color choices definitely make the Cyber-Shot a digital camera worth trying.

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