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Picture of a baby stroller.  The Max Pro Three Wheel System Baby Stroller.I think my 6 month-old, Henry, is jealous of his stroller. Every time he rides in it, we get stopped at least once by someone saying: ‘Nice stroller!’ or ‘ What a great stroller!’ or ‘I love that stroller.’

I mean, you expect people to gush over how cute your baby is, not what they’re riding in. Yet these are the comments I hear every time I push him in the MaxProTravel System by BabyPlanet.

I certainly didn’t choose the MaxPro Traveler for its looks. After some pretty thorough research, I decided on the MaxPro for one important reason: it converts easily from an infant car seat carrier to a regular stroller. I knew it would grow with Henry as he got bigger and I was right. Within just two months of using it with his car seat, he was ready to ride in the stroller seat.

The seat adjusts easily for when he’s sleeping or sitting up to see the world. The three wheels and lightweight aluminum frame give him a smooth, easyride. I love the curved, padded adjustable handle. Having a stroller you can push with just one hand is very important, especially when you have two other kids you need to grab at a moment’s notice. There are two generous-sized cup holders, as well – Starbucks Mocha Skim Latte on one side; Blackberry on the other. What more could you ask for?

So far I’ve tested the MaxPro at the park, the beach, the mall and for long power walks in my neighborhood. Neither Henry nor I have one complaint. And, if all that weren’t enough, it makes me feel good knowing that when I’m finished using the MaxPro, the company that makes it – BabyPlanet — will help me donate it to a family in need or show me how to recycle it. To learn more aboutthe MaxPro, visit BabyPlanet at


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