Hotslings – Can't Soothe 'Em, Wear 'Em!

Posted by: , July 22, 2008 in 5:27 pm

HotslingMy 3-month old, Henry, is generally a very good baby, but, every day around 4o’clock he gets fussy (most of us know this as the ‘witching hour’). During this time, he only wants to be held, which presents problems because that’s exactly when my Kindergartener gets home from school, my 4-year old is getting tired and cranky, I need to help with homework and cook dinner.

Recently, I was on the phone with honestbaby’s founder, Jill Besnoy, during one of these crazy afternoons complaining about how the kids were climbing the walls and every time I put Henry down, he cried.  It was then I had an ‘a-ha’ moment when she said to me:  ‘Why don’t you wear him in a sling?’  What a great idea!  I knew he just wanted to be close to me, yet I needed to get things done.  Only one problem:  I didn’t have a sling.  That’s when I found Hotslings.

Hotslings is a perfect way to ‘wear’ your baby at any stage, from newborns to toddlers.  It’s basically a band of fabric that you can fold and covert into a comfortable and safe sling for your baby to lie or sit in, depending on what stage they’re in.  The slings are really easy to use and come in a lot of stylish patterns and colors.

Each sling comes with a short, informative DVD which demonstrates how to fold the sling, put in on and wear your baby.  I highly recommend watching it; I don’t think I could have put it on the right way with out seeing it first.  The best is that my Hotsling is amazingly comfortable to wear.  It’s snug enough to keep Henry close to me, but not too tight that it makes my back or shoulders hurt.  Make sure you use their sizing chart on their web site to help you find the best sling to fit your frame.

The great news is:  Hotslings has helped me through the witching hour.  Henry is much calmer and I’m much happier because I know that I can get things done, all while having a peaceful baby snuggled against me.  What could be better than that?  Thanks for the suggestion, Jill!

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