Moms and Sex

Posted by: , August 10, 2008 in 3:10 pm

We’re busy. We’re tired. We’re slightly resentful of the fact that the bulk of parenting seems to be on our shoulders. Plus you didn’t unload the dishwasher.

Moms always have a reason why it’s easier to say no than yes in the bedroom. You’d think all of the modern technology would have lightened our load. We’re not washing laundry, or even dishes, by hand. I rarely even pick fruit off of a tree, much less walk to the market. What drains us so much that we can’t muster up the energy to have sex?

Anyone who knows anything about women is clear on the fact that it’s all in our heads. Where the body may be willing, our minds have checked out. Running ourselves ragged is an accepted lifestyle in mommy land. But no more I say! It’s time to bring sexy back. I’m not saying we walk the playground in high heels and tube tops (cause tube tops were never that sexy). I propose that we make a conscious effort to perceive ourselves as sexual beings enough to actually consider sex a part of our regular lives. Not an inconvenience we need to schedule in.

Ok? Awesome.


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