Replacement Theology. Who needs sex?

Posted by: , August 10, 2008 in 3:01 pm

Who needs sex with you’ve got food, hugs from the kids, and a long list of blogs to catch up on? You and your marriage that’s who. And you know what the rule is about things you don’t use right? You lose them. So unless you want your vagina to out of your pant leg it’s time to reinstate sex as important as air. Remember when you were in high school?

I totally put sexy time on the back burner after the birth of my first kid. It took about 6 months for me to feel like a complete person. For the moms out there that are in their 6th and 7th year of motherhood, your grace period has come and gone. And consider this, for moms sex is what panties are to Paris Hilton: we can go with or without it. For daddies, it means so much more. You wouldn’t tell your crying newborn, “Just wait! Stop being such a baby.” Same for dudes.

Don’t fill your void with life (sounds dirtier than I meant it. bonus.)


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