Three libido killers…kick them to the curb asap

Posted by: , August 15, 2008 in 8:24 am

It’s hard enough for moms to feel like jumping out of their jeans. Don’t let these three libido killers ruin what could be a very naughty evening.

1. Watching Law & Order Special Victim’s Unit before bed.

Hearing a heart wrenching story about a five-year old’s brutal demise is not going to help you feel all tingly “down there.” Plus, 99% of the perps (yes, I said perps) are men and I don’t know about you, but I  always dislike my husband a little bit for no reason at all when the show is over. Don’t even watch the first 2 minutes to see where they discover the body, change the channel or go straight to bed.

2. Skipping your AM shower

Ok. No one wants to take it all off when they smell like a cross between Cheetos and Similac. Take a shower in the morning because you’re not going to get to it later.

3. Kids. Too late! Just kidding.

3. Snacks. Think before you sip, or eat. Not only will this tip help you shed pounds, it will also help with your dry spell. Eating a large piece of chocolate cake before bed will not make you feel sexy. Not feeling sexy will prevent you from having sex. Therefore, skipping the 540 calorie post-bed snack is a good thing. You’ll get into your jeans AND out of them much easier (ha!) Watch what you sip too. One glass of wine will loosen you up, two will make you silly, three and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

Have a fun Friday night!

xoxo SATS 


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  1. janesmom on August 30th, 2008 9:55 pm

    So funny about watching Law & Order before bed! After seeing me get all emotional and unsexed up, my husband has outlawed those crime shows on the weekends 🙂 I’m allowed to watch swingtown and any HBO show of my choice. Than everyone is in the mood!!

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