McDonalds Cover Up

Posted by: , August 18, 2008 in 11:36 pm

My mother insists that I don’t feed the kids right.  I should be making dinner for them every night.  From scratch.  Like she did.   When my mother comes over she’ll usually bring a pot of homemade meatballs or crispy salmon croquettes just out of the oven, commenting as she walks in how my boys are too skinny. Often there will be too much for her to carry so she will enlist my father.  He follows behind her, with oven mitts, gripping the tray of perfectly browned sliced potatoes.  Of course she’s a great cook and my children gobble up her food like they haven’t eaten for days (thereby proving her starvation theory). Sometimes she’ll actually bring all the ingredients for dinner to my house and take over my kitchen for several hours. Oh what a treat.  Then I must listen to her opinions about my messy fridge, the lack of fruits in my household and the excess of goldfish crackers. So when she called the other day to ask what I had made the kids for dinner I LIED.  I told her that I had grilled a delicious steak with asparagus on the side that they were eating as we spoke.  In reality, they were shoving over-processed chicken nuggets and greasy fries from McDonalds into their mouths and washing it down with chocolate milkshakes.  Unfortunately my mother walked through the door announcing that she had made some desert.  When she saw the McDonalds, her homemade baklava dropped from her hands.


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