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Posted by: , August 19, 2008 in 4:41 am

jenerations Jenerations Baby ProductsThere are so many hair and body products on the market for kids these days.  During a quick trip to the local supermarket recently I found no less than seven different types of baby shampoo.  They all promise to be “gentle” and a lot of them say they are all natural.  But when I read the list of ingredients and there are at least three things I can’t pronounce and have more than 5 syllables, I become suspicious.  Recently, I discovered Jenerations Baby products.  They are fragrance free, preservative free and hypo-allergenic.  Created by a former hair stylist and salon owner, the products are designed to be gentle enough for babies and kids, but suitable for adults, too.  I decided to test them all on the whole family.

I tested the shampoo and body wash on my six month-old, Henry. The scent was light and pleasant, and even when I accidentally got a tiny bit of the bubbles in his eyes, he didn’t even notice.  The bar soap had the same results, giving Henry clean and soft skin.  The natural hair gel is the first I’ve seen exclusively for kids.  It tamed my 4 year-old daughter’s fly away hair, and my 6 year old son loved to make his hair “spiky” with it.  The baby lotion gave Henry soft cheeks (they tend to get dry in the colder weather) and I found it to even be a great moisturizer for my face, too.  Even my husband (who has the driest skin I know and hates anything too scented) tried the lotion.  I knew it got his stamp of approval when he asked me if we had any left because we ran out!  Looks like we’re all hooked on Jenerations Baby.

My friend had a new baby recently and I decided to give her the Jenerations Baby spa gift set which contains four hair and body products.  She loved it and so did her baby!

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