Duck & Goose 123

Posted by: , August 22, 2008 in 10:31 pm

duckandgoose Duck & Goose 123 The popular Duck and Goose series by Tad Hills has returned with Duck and Goose 123. All the adorable characters are back, this time to teach the numbers from 1 to 10. In my house, popup books rule. Actually, anything that can be destroyed rules, and popup books are very easy targets. So, when I introduced the Duck and Goose 123 board book to my two-year-old son, Ethan, I was wary. It didn’t have any special effects or any protruding pieces of paper for him to rip off. Plus, we had just received a cool popup book about trucks. How could Duck and Goose 123 compete with that?

Not one to be discouraged easily, I quickly remembered that counting is a new and big thing with Ethan. He loves to shout the numbers at the top of his lungs…ONE, TWO, THREE, NINE! Clearly, we have some work to do. So, I was all set for a counting lesson with Duck and Goose 123.

It took a bit of prodding to get him to read the book with me, but now Ethan is totally hooked on the cute cartoon drawings of the goose and ducks. He loves to count “one goose, two ducks…” and so on. Among the items to count include friends, feet, eyes, and berries. It’s funny how the berries are all over the goose and duck, showing that they too make a mess. The pictures are bright, the drawings are simple and the counting is fun. And with only a few reads, Ethan is already saying that four comes after three, not nine. Plus, the book is still intact, which is always a bonus.

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