When Will Summer End?

Posted by: , August 29, 2008 in 9:39 pm

I don’t know about you but summer this year seems to be going on forever.  Camp ended weeks ago and school for our area doesn’t start until September 3rd.  Instead of it getting cooler, it seems to be getting hotter.  I think Labor Day weekend was designed to torture those who don’t have a vacation planned.  

They last in the backyard about 1/2 an hour without an organized activity.  After that I usually hear screaming.  They can ride their bikes but again that only lasts about 45 minutes before meltdown.  The swimclub can give me about 2 hours but I have to socialize with every random parent I see.  It can be more tiring than a game of Junior Monopoly.

Every morning the kids wake up and demand to know how they will be entertained today.  What hoops will mommy jump through to ensure I have fun?  I don’t have the energy of other families it seems.  I don’t feel like participating in the last gasp of summer.  Amusement parks, horse farms, camping.  I’m tired.  I just want to putz around the house in my air conditioning and let the kids play video games.  I can’t wait for the routine of school to begin.  

I love those long days that go till 3:00 PM and even the activities afterwards…  Soccer?  Sure, sign him up. Playdate at Michael’s house?  Sure, he’s available.  Drop off at the Art Farm?  The kids will love it!  Whoever came up with the lazy days of summer must have lived in an era long long ago when children entertained themselves all day.  For now, I can only hope for the school year to begin.




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