Letters To Nowhere

Posted by: , September 10, 2008 in 2:36 pm

My kids love writing letters to their friends.  Well, not really letters…more like pictures with some words on them.  Sure, it’s cute.  I’m all for encouraging art, creativity, communication with peers, it’s all good.  The only problem is…when they’re done they want the letters mailed out.  That’s where things get time consuming.  Do I really have the time to search for this random kids address?  Do I really need to find an envelope?  Use up a stamp?  I’ve tried to suggest maybe that we hand deliver it to them the next time wesee them, but they always insist that I mail it out.  So what happens?  I usually tell them that I will send out the letter for them while they’re in school and it ends up in the art box if they’re lucky or most often in the trash can (you can’t kept everything!)

Before you judge me, let me tell you what happens to the letters that we get from their friends.  Every now and then I would open the mailbox to find an envelope addressed to one of my children.  “You got mail today from Sam or Charlie, Max, James, Chris, Jacob!”  Just fill in the blank.  I would excitedly hand them the letter and they would rip it open, take one look at the special picture made just for them…and hand it to me.  Once the determination was made that it was not a package from grandma containing a present of some sort, it was of no interest to them.  And where do all of these letters go?  They go straight to the garbage.

So why should I make the effort? It’s not like they ever remember to discuss the letter with their friends.  “Hey Charlie, did you get that picture of the space man I made for you?”  “What?!  My mom never sent it!”  This would never happen.  The minute they hand it to me it is gone from their memory.  Besides, isn’t it the thought that counts?  I sometimes mention to the mom that my son made their child a picture and they smile and nod.  But trust me, their eyes are pleading with me not to send it.



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