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Posted by: , September 12, 2008 in 10:24 am

We moms are forever complaining that we don’t have the energy for sex. Ok, yes we’re tired and overworked, but how can we not have the energy for something that is supposed to make us feel good? If a dude knocked on your door at 11pm and told you you’d just won a $10,000 shopping spree at the boutique of your choice I doubt the words, “Not tonight, so tired” would come out of your mouth. A burst

of energy from the sheer thought of wearing something fresh and untouched by paint-covered hands would flow through your body. In 10 seconds you’d have grabbed your purse, put on your shoes, and already by halfway out of the driveway.

So many times I hear moms talk about sex as if orgasms don’t exist. You’d think “sexual intercourse” and “waxing your legs” were the same thing. C’mon mommies! Our days are long and hard. The least we can do is unwind with a happy ending.

It’s time to think of sex as a gift you’re giving yourself…and your husband. It’s not akin to mopping the floor or running errands. It’s something that will energize you and remember why taking care of the kids instead of leaving them to fend for themselves is worth it.

Time to open presents.

xoxo SATC 





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