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Posted by: , September 24, 2008 in 6:56 pm

I’ve heard that some people schedule sex. I’ve also heard that some people wash their walls. I’m not sure what freaks me out more.

Maybe it’s because I consider what goes in my momAgenda “obligations,” but writing “get down and dirty with my spouse, Oct 23rd” in my planner just freaks me out. Sex should be a priority in every marriage because it’s an important mode of communication (and fun). I know some women out there show how important it is by planning it and while I’m positive that their better halves appreciate knowing that it’s a FOR SURE, but I can’t just can’t get on that train.Doesn’t having sex on the first and third Wednesday of every leap year take away some of the nice surprise? If you’re having trouble getting into a regular sexy time way of life, consider this instead of a schedule: why not just assume you’re goign to have sex everyday and let the off days be the “surprise.” It sounds silly, but I try to remain in available mode as often as humanly possible (showered, feeling good about myself, not overwhelmed) most days so that sex is even possible.

And if alcohol helps you get there, so be it. It’s not a dry spell if it’s been 2 months. That’s a marriage in crisis.

Plan if you must, I’ll think you’re weird but at least you’re hitting the sheets. If you’re planning averse like I am, consider making your lifestyle sexual in the way that you take care of yourself enough to even consider taking off your clothes for something other than a shower.

Until next time…keep it sexy,



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