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monsterpuppet120x103 Melissa & Doug ToysThere are toys…and then there are toys.  The plastic, neon-colored, mass-produced kind and the classic, wooden, carefully -crafted kind.  The kind that take batteries (which I never seem to have the right size) and break easily, and the kind that hold up well for years and need nothing more than the imagination.  I prefer playing with the latter; and, since I like to play with my kids, I’ve been buying them the classic kind for years, and I leave the super-hero and princess-themed ones for their friends and family to give them at birthdays and holidays.One brand I like in particular is Melissa and Doug.  I remember discovering their wooden board puzzles for my son when he was just a toddler.  He absolutely loved them, and they’ve held up remarkably well — now his little sister and brother are enjoying them.  Two of our new favorites are the Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet and the Deluxe Magic Set.

The Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet ($24.75) inspires a lot of creativity for the kids.  The kit contains a hand puppet and multiple, interchangeable ‘parts,’ like weird eyes, funky hair and arms to design your own puppet.  It’s great for all different ages.  My older son pretends he’s making martians who will inevitably attack earth, my 4 year-old daughter makes beasts that princesses fall in love with and my youngest simply touches the soft materials and looks at the vibrant colors.  The kids and I love to decorate our puppet monster (martian or beast), give him or her a funny name, and then use the suction cups to stick him on our window and ‘hang out.’  It’s a great conversation piece when friends come over!

Our other favorite is the Deluxe Magic Set ($34.05).  It comes with traditional magic trick props that are perfect for kids to learn and ‘perform.’  There’s (of course), a magic wand, disappearing coins, scarves, magic cups and a lot more props for dozens of magic tricks.  The Magic Kit case even contains a secret compartment and serves as a performance table.  My six year-old son spent hours practicing his favorite tricks.  Surprisingly, he had no problem understanding the illustrated instructions on his own.  There’s nothing better than independent play in my very hectic house.  The best part was that he then had to perform his tricks for his younger sister and brother, who of course were mesmerized by his talents!

These types of creative, imaginative toys are so much fun.  Everyone in the family can get involved…and we find ourselves laughing and having fun with new things each time we play!

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