The Ergo Baby Carrier

Posted by: , October 1, 2008 in 8:55 pm

ergobabycarrier126x93 The Ergo Baby Carrier   It must be a fact of babyhood.  As soon as five thirty hits, babies know to get fussy.  In my house, this fact applies to both babies and toddlers. I’m sure this daily scenario in my house is similar to one in yours: Ethan, he’s all of two, but is big brother to Margo and benjamin, begins to demand dinner. As soon as his dinner, heating in the microwave of course, begins to explode, Benjamin begins to wail.  Margo, who is usually content to bat at the dangling giraffe onher Gymini, starts to whimper. I’m praying for my husband to come home soon, but he’s at work over an hour away and I haven’t yet received the best phone call of the day that says, “I’m on my way.” It’s all I can do to not cry, “Calgon, take me away!” What I can do though is turn to my great new baby carrier: the Ergo. While most people say that first impressions are everything, in the case of Ergo baby carrier, I have to say that the second impression was better. Upon first glance, the Ergo carrier was complex and confusing.  There were straps and snaps that seemed to go every which way. There was even a DVD that came with the carrier, which I needed to watch in order to figure out how to use it. The DVD showed me how to use the carrier in all its variable ways.  There’s the front position, the back position, the hip position, the infant insert, and attached hood. The Ergo, the manufacturers claimed, can help you soothe your baby from infancy to toddlerville with just a few adjustments of the straps. The claim was great because they had not met my son Benjamin, otherwise known as Mr. Cranky Pants. Benjamin would have to be my first test subject, rather than his more placid twin sister, Margo. I knew that if the Ergo could soothe Benjamin then Margo would certainly love it. So, that night, promptly at five twenty three, and at Benjamin’s first whimper, I got the Ergo ready.  I strapped it around my waist and nestled Benjamin in there, using the infant insert meant for babies under six months.  Then, I walked around my house for a minute and there it was: silence.  He was nestled in there, eyes closed, relaxing away while snuggled up to his mom.  And there I was: hands free.  Amazing. The other day I took Benjamin outside in the Ergo. There he was dozing away when all of a sudden I realized that his little bald head definitely did not need the hot sun on it.  Of course, I was blocks from my house and the millions of little baby hats that come with practically every outfit.  But then, I remembered the sun shade, which is attached to the Ergo baby carrier, and pulled it out of the front pocket and over Benjamin’s head.  “This is awesome!” I thought to  myself, and walked on without feeling guilty about the sun hitting down on us. The first few times using the Ergo were a little awkward, as the instructions warn.  They tell the user to practice a few times without the baby, and I see why. But now that I’ve mastered the approach, the result is great. Now, whenever a baby is cranky, I pop them in the Ergo. Then I cook dinner for Ethan, wipe down the microwave and sit on the couch to watch yet another episode of Elmo. The Ergo Baby Carrier {105-$120} is available in various colors as well as in organic fabric.  Visit their website for details

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ergobabycarrier The Ergo Baby Carrier

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