The Baby Dance

Posted by: , October 5, 2008 in 7:39 pm

My husband and I are starting to think about having another child. To be honest (this is honestbaby,┬áright?) we’ve done more than just start to think about it; we’re playing with fire. See for us, actually trying to have a baby doesn’t sound like any fun- who wants to have sex with purpose. We’d rather play Russian Roulette, go off of birth control and just see what happens.People in TTC (trying to conceive) mode call what we’re doing The Baby Dance. Call me crazy, but there seems to be something wildly unsexy about having sex for the purpose of pregnancy. Babies are cute but I haven’t yet forgotten all of the hard work, exhaustion, and body issues that go along with a 7lb bundle of joy. In fact, while I had a few precious moments of nursing, I found finding places to breastfeed and the huge swollen boobs that go along with weaning to be insanity-inducing.

So why do I want another one? Curiosity. It’s fun to see what another kid will look like, PLUS I don’t want my daughter to be an spoiled only child (only children and parents of only children *hush*. You know it’s true). I know I’ll love whoever pops out of my vagina -please come through my vagina- but just hope I’m ready when the little pink line comes.


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