Becoming Brave in a New World

Posted by: , October 16, 2008 in 9:51 am

I have become the mom at whom I enthusiastically scoffed.  Nay, sneered.  Sneered is the more appropriate term. When I entered the boisterous Mommy Arena (only four years ago), I was astounded to find a disturbing number of women setting aside society’s established polite practices in exchange for their children’s pleasure.

I squawked when I saw mothers pushing and shoving to grab the freebies at something as mundane as the local Agriculture Farm Show.  Yea, I was angry because someone else’s kid got a paper sheep mask stapled to a wooden ruler.  Uh-huh.  I remember whining, “That’s not fair!  That woman has like 10 of them in her hands…I just need one for my one little boy!”Well, either I’ve finally hit the age where I no longer give a rat’s patoot what anyone else thinks or I’ve had one too many disappointing experiences in the Mommy Arena.  I’ve grown a set.  Stand back, Ladies.  My kid is getting a damned sheep mask!

Last week was Fire Prevention Week.  My four-year-old son lives, breathes and dreams about all things fire fighter.  So, we had a week full of activities planned.  We attended three open houses at three different fire stations.  And, the topic at Story Time was—you guessed it—fire safety.  The night before, Benjamin announced that he planned to wear his full turnout suit to Story Time.  Yes, that’s right my friends…he owns his own gear.  So, Friday morning he donned his black boots, his fire fighter pants (with red suspenders), his turnout coat and his plastic fire helmet.  As we drove to the library I thought it possible I might be the victim of a few disgusted stares.  Before I had my own positively adorable, firefighter-loving little boy I would have seen me and thought, “Get a grip, lady.  Don’t let your kid go out dressed up like it’s Halloween when it’s not!”

Of course, Benjamin was a hit with the librarian, the group of firefighters, the mom of twin boys and a dad (whom I’ve never seen there before).  Honestly, I didn’t make eye contact with the others.  They could’ve been smiling.  They could’ve been sneering.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  After the full fire safety talk, the reading of a story and the tour of two fire engines, Benjamin inquired why they didn’t show us Utility 1.  Utility 1 is a bright red pick up truck used by the fire station for automobile accidents and other small emergencies.  You see, Utility 1 was parked in the parking lot.  We spotted it on the way in.  So, I marched up to the firefighters and said, “He’d like to know why you didn’t show us Utility 1.” 

Next thing I knew, Benjamin was getting his own private tour.

Yes, I have become that mom.  But, this mom has photos of her son sitting in the front seat of Utility 1.  Oh, and make no mistake…at this year’s Agricultural Farm Show, we will procure a sheep mask if I have to beat someone with the wooden ruler to which it’s stapled!

Just kidding.  We already got a sheep mask last year.  It was our first stop when we entered the building.  Ha!




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