Friendly's Faux Pas

Posted by: , November 13, 2008 in 10:47 am

I was at Friendly’s with my kids tryng to get my notoriously picky 3-year old to eat his food.  I told him his cucumbers looked like truck tires and his fries looked like smoke stacks on a train.  It was a fun little game that I thought was fun until he picked up a chicken nugget and said, “This looks like my butt!”  I almost spit up my fribble.  “Don’t say that!” I yelled.  Of course my older son, sensing an opening, picked up his grilled cheese and said, “This looks like a bagina!”  (Neither of my boys have mastered the letter “v”.)  They erupted in giggles and I could see the older ladies next to us glaring at me.  The balloon fight earlier in the meal didn’t help. 

I threatened to take away their desert and on cue the waitress came by and asked if we were ready for our ice cream order.  The kids immediately promised to behave and I of course gave in.  Why else was I subjecting us to Friendly’s if I wasn’t going to partake in the ice cream.  So I told the waitress we wanted one chocolate “make your own sundae” and one Reese’s PENIS sundae.  There was a pause that seemed like an eternity.  The old ladies, the waitress, and my kids were speechless and then the kids started repeating what I said.  Reeses PENIS sundae…Penis sundae…penis….sundae…  No wonder my kids have a trash mouth.  Look at their mother.  I sheepishly apologized but the damage was done.  Branded again…a bad mommy.  Next time I’m going to Applebee’s.


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