2008 Most Wanted Toys

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holiday gift guide santaMany interesting things happen to parents when the holiday season hits. While some try to convey the “true meaning of Christmas” to their children by purchasing a limited amount of toys, other parents seem to go temporarily insane. Mature adults are often caught brawling in stores over the last Barbie Dream House in chaos only the holidays could bring about. This year toy makers are expecting less demand, due to the economic situation in America. Thus, it could mean the hottest toys could sell out quickly!

Elmo Live Great Christmas PresentElmo Live – According to ABC News, the hottest toy of the 2008 holiday season is the “Elmo Live” doll. Those who remember the insanity surrounding “Tickle Me Elmo” a few years ago completely understand America’s fascination with the adorable red puppet. “Elmo Live” promises hours of fun for ages 18 months and up. The lifelike version (by Mattel Inc.) tells jokes, moves his arms and can cross his legs.

wii is a great holiday gift for the family. Wii – Even the most health conscious parents around can’t complain when their child wants to stay in all day and play the Wii. This innovative gaming system has been difficult to find in stores from the moment it was released. The interest comes not only from children who love playing various movement games, but also from parents who love the idea their children must physically move their body while playing. With a price tag far under other new gaming systems, the Wii is a “must have” for the entire family!

The rip stick castor board is the coolest gift for Christmas 2008.RipStick Castor Board – Older children who love a thrill will likely be begging for the RipStick Caster Board this year. The newest skateboard-snowboard hybrid offers teens the opportunity to ride the road with a pivoting deck and 360 degree caster trucks. This gift is ideal for ages 8 and up, but teens love it just as well.

High School Musical Dance Mat is a great gift for that little girl in your life. Disney’s High School Musical 3 Senior Year Electronic “Got The Moves” Dance Mat – With High School Musical 3: Senior Year raking in millions at the box office, it’s no wonder why the merchandise associated with it is hot to trot this season as well. One of the hottest products is the “Got The Moves” dance mat. This toy allows children to dance along to four major hits from the movie including “Now or Never”, “Night to Remember”, “I Want It All” and “High School Musical”. With built-in lights and pre-programmed routines, children can feel as if they are part of the movie!

Bakugan makes a great gift this holiday.Bakugan – A few months ago Timetoplaymag.com came out with their “Most Wanted” list and Bakugan was included. Parents who remember the Pokemon craze will relate to this new toy phenomenon. Bakugan are similar to marbles that unfold into figures. Each pack comes with a magnetic trading card and can be used as pawns in Spin Master’s Bakugan game. With prices ranging from $5 to $25, these items are selling out fast.

No matter what’s hot each year, most parents can guarantee their child will ask for something difficult to locate. After all, that’s just the nature of holiday shopping! To avoid a total meltdown on Christmas morning by a child who didn’t get that coveted toy they asked for, parents should shop early, call ahead to find out when shipments will be made to stores and search online for toys they can’t find locally.


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