Irresponsible Sex

Posted by: , November 30, 2008 in 1:38 pm

My husband and I have been flirting with the idea of adding another chick to our roost lately. I mean, you can’t just have one kid, right?  We’re both very clear on how babies are made but neither of us are 100% committed enough to getting me knocked up.


Kids are hard. It’s better if it’s just an “accident”.  We’re approaching our lackadaisical desire for another child the way a skateboarder with no helmet approaches head trauma: if it happens, it happens. We’re leaving it up to fate. No charting. No watching for ovulation signs and then dragging hubby into bed. No birth control….


It’s kind of made sex a little heavy lately. What was once fun and carefree now carries the weight of possible labor contractions (mine), confronting shitty swaddling technique (mine), post-baby-water-balloon tummy (mine), and more (what the hell is he scared of?). How am I supposed to get off on that? “Mmmm come over here baby, let’s increase our health insurance premiums. You like that dirty talk *giggle*.  Right. 


I do want another kid. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. I wouldn’t give my current one back even though I passed numerous Safe Drop Off locations since she’s been born. Things have been ok…dicey in moments, but nothing too crazy. Let’s just say I can count the number of times I’ve had daytime drink on one…two, hands. And by hands I also mean feet. And hairs on my arm but these really are just details.


About a week ago, we did what Trying To Conceivers call “The Baby Dance”  I’ve been very aware that one of this little guys could have hiked Mount Waiting Egg…I guess I’ll have to wait a bit to find out whether or not the troops were successful or if the Red River will indicate otherwise.  It’s nice leaving it up to chance. Just like in the olden days. Plus this way if she’s a seriously hellish newborn we can look at each other with the blameless gaze that only parents with accidents can.


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