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handmedowns websiteRecently I stumbled across a website called handmedowns.com that will change how moms buy and sell their gently used baby/kid gear.  Visualize with me. My 2.5-year old daughter’s room is full of toys she’s no longer interested in and clothes she can’t really fit into anymore. Her overflow of belongings has taken over our garage, living room, my bedroom, and even backyard (whose idea was it to buy that slide?)  How one 25 lb child can have more in terms of belongings than I do blows me away.

That’s where handmedowns.com comes in.I’ve tried eBay before. Not only does the whole bidding system irritate me, I’m not really into the post office scene. Craigslist is better but the popular website hosts plenty-a-weirdo and I always wonder who is really coming to pick up my used high chair.

Los Angeles mom and former lawyer, Norah Weinsten, is the brains behind the genius idea to give moms their own place to buy, sell, trade, and donate their children’s everyday items. handmedowns.com users list everything from infant clothing to designer strollers at amazing prices. There’s no need to pay retail. Save the environment and your pocket book by purchasing used goods. Search for items in your own city; no need to calculate shipping or stock up on boxes and tape.

Last week I completed the 6-second registration (seriously, you couldn’t warm a bottle faster) and listed  and sold some of my precious toddler’s excess. It was great! Not only am I tripping over less during my middle of the night paranoia-is-she-still-breathing checks, I have some extra cash to buy her even more toys! The cycle continues…

Bonus: handmedowns.com features regular contests. Register with handmedowns.com by April 6th and you could win a Bugaboo Frog stroller!

Retail Price: $629.00


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