Morning Brew 03-19-09

Posted by: , February 19, 2009 in 7:01 am

Natasha Richardson, mother of two and wife to Liam Neeson, passes away.

More babies were born in 2007 than any other year in history.

And at least 40% of them were to unmarried women.

A CMV vaccine for moms may help prevent cytomegalovirus related birth defects in their children.

In a double dose of bad news today, Young African Americans are showing both a higher risk of heart failure and food allergies.

Military families will be getting relief as the Pentagon plans to end the controversial “stop-loss” program of forced military service.

Someone might be in a little trouble because New Zealand wants to rethink it’s corporal punishment law to allow a light smack.  Just wait until Dad gets home.

Texas teens might find it a whole lot harder to get into a tanning bed if state lawmakers have their way.

Google helps out the Sony e-book with a library of a half a million books.

Nadya Suleman takes two of her babies home and, in a her quest for privacy, she invites a camera crew along for the ride.


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