Morning Brew 03-20-09

Posted by: , February 20, 2009 in 7:37 am

Today’ top headlines for parents

Michelle Obama lead Sheryl Crow, Alicia Keys and other succesful female leaders on an all-star road show to local D.C high schools in support of Women’s History Month.

Since dodgeball was presumably too dangerous, a Texas high school principal allegedly forced students into steel cage fights to “let ’em duke it out.”

A woman flying No Class gave birth to a baby in the toilet mid-flight and left it in the garbage.

Austria’s worst father was sentenced to life in prison and Alabama’s worst father will hopefully get the same for tossing his four young children off a bridge.

The California Supreme Court makes a major decision regarding adoption by guardians. takes on teen dating abuse with a PSA re-enactment of the Rihanna-Chris Brown encounter.

Your kids ask “what recession?” as February videogame sales sales jump 10 percent over last year, up to $1.47 billion, thanks to the Nintendo and the Xbox.

When lice rear their ugly heads, the best way to detect them is the wet combing method.

Disney-Pixar’s soon to be blockbuster UP won the honor of becoming the first animated film to open the Festival de Cannes

Unexpectedly caught up in federal legislation aimed at lead in children’s products, some libraries are pulling children’s books printed before 1986 out of circulation.

Meanwhile, a Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight book is missing from the school library shelf for a different reason.

Days of Our Lives star Allison Sweeney introduces us to her new daughter Megan.

And pro-golfer Annika Sorenstam announced she is expecting her first child.


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