Morning Brew 03-22-09

Posted by: , February 22, 2009 in 10:51 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

In an unexpected but entirely rational turn, the Vatican defends abortion.

Missionaries finally admit that their documentary, Hakani, showing children being buried alive, was faked but they insist the problem of infanticide in Brazil is all too real.

Sugar is now the healthy choice as the tide turns against high-fructose corn syrup.

Looks like some of that bailout money might be going toward vasectomies.

… just as the recession is turning more brides to more economical, church weddings.

Let me get this straight-  the wife catches the husband with two prostitutes and she gets arrested and he gets vacation with kids?

Three months too late for Christmas (or maybe nine months early), stores finally have enough Nintendo Wii’s to meet demand.

Singer M.I.A. sets the record straight, her newborn son is not named Ickett, he’s named Ikhyd.

Bachelor star Andrew Firestone has a baby boy, Adam Brooks, with model wife Ivana.

UK reality TV star Jade Goody, loses her televised battle with cancer, leaving behind two sons, Freddie, 4, and Bobby, 5.

Half of octuplets are now home just as Nadya Suleman reveals she was in denial about how much work she faces in caring for them.

And because Nadya doesn’t want to reveal the identity of the father of her 14 kids, she’s talking about him again.


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