Morning Brew 03-24-09

Posted by: , February 24, 2009 in 6:34 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

By federal court order, 17 year old girls will now have access to the ‘morning after’ Plan B birth control pill.

Law enforcement is struggling to keep up with the growing number of online predators.

One mother fights for new laws after “sexting” leads her daughter to suicide.

Shadowing his mothers tragic demise, Sylvia Plath’s son kills himself, furthing speculation that there might be a hereditary link to suicide.

30 years after getting polio from his daughter’s vaccination, a father is awarded $22.5 million.

In news we have never heard before- less read meat is better for you than more.

Publishers Weekly stocks up on a shelf full of children’s book reviews.

Four months after arresting a 13 year old student for passing gas in class, Florida is full of hot air again as they suspend an eighth grader for doing the same on a school bus.

No, you’re not being punked – it’s marriage advice from Ashton Kutcher.

Ugly Betty star Eric Mabius is working the late shift caring for his new 3 month old son.

Nadya Suleman has fired the free nanny service helping her, believing that they are spies and reporting her to child welfare.


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