Morning Brew 03-25-09

Posted by: , February 25, 2009 in 7:30 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

How will you celebrate Diabetes Alert Day?  Forget the chocolate cake with a candle- Why not take the risk test?

The Mayo Clinic thinks early exposure to anesthesia by babies can lead to learning disabilities.

A 2 month old baby, abducted from a health clinic, is back home safe after a harrowing 24 hours.

At 4 years old, Shayne Abegg weighed 22 pounds.  Now he has $6 million because the state ignored numerous child abuse complaints filed on his behalf.

A new study gives the thumbs up to snacking during childbirth.

The next time your teen tells you he doesn’t remember what you said, he may be telling the truth.

Why does Facebook need rights to your family photos?

And HuffPo wonders if kids are really emotionally ready for sites like Facebook.

… just as a Texas 8th grader is stabbed over a MySpace page.

How Not To Reconcile With Your Spouse


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