Morning Brew 03-26-09

Posted by: , February 26, 2009 in 7:05 am

After being threatened with jail time and a lifetime label as sex offenders for taking a picture of themselves in bras, three 15 year old girls are fighting back against the out of control prosecutor.

The Obama administration is being asked to create an agency to safeguard the mental health of children.

A new study shows that circumcision significantly lowers the risk of cancer and STD’s.

Toddlers are listening but don’t understand the consequences of not doing what they are told.

Do some twins really have telepathic connections?

Concern is growing over the America’s failing food safety inspection system.

Even sperm banks are hoping for a bailout with a recession clearance sale.

Web series turned sitcom In the Motherhood premieres on ABC tonight at 8 PM and some reviews are in.

Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are is coming to the big screen and now we get a look at the trailer.

49 year old mom Valerie Bertinelli is revealing the results of her Jenny Craig diet on the cover of People.

Nadya Suleman’s nurse accusses her of only caring for her children when the cameras are on.


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