The Wrong Playdate

Posted by: , February 26, 2009 in 10:20 pm

I received a call from a parent in my son’s first grade class asking for a playdate.  I said sure.  I asked my son if he wanted to play with the little boy and he was excited.  All was good until we got there.   The little boy opened the door and looked at my son.  They both didn’t look happy.  Then the boy yelled out to his mother in distress, “I didn’t mean BIG Jason, I meant LITTLE Jason!!”  My son, the unwanted Jason, looked at me and said, “I don’t know this boy.  Please don’t leave me here!” and he started to cry.  The mother finally emerged and we realized that the boys were in fact not in the same class.  There are three different kindergarten classes.  She had mistakenly called our home instead of the more desirable LITTLE Jasons’s house.  Apparently Jason is a common name in our town.  I of course never checked to see if the kid was in my son’s class but I assumed she had done her playdate legwork!  In any event, we both laughed it off and I took my rejected yet relieved child home.   


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