Morning Brew 03-27-09

Posted by: , February 27, 2009 in 7:11 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

Natasha Richardson’s legacy lives on and saves a little girl’s life.

Pregnant smokers take note- you have 15 weeks to quit before you risk harm to your baby.

A new study shows that kids with ADHD may have impaired short term memory.

Earth Hour is tomorrow night, so get ready to shut off the lights and enjoy an hour by candlelight.

Can you pass the salt?  Pass it on, I mean. The CDC says Americans are overdosing on it.

The CDC is also looking at how many times you get tripped up by your pets.

Mortgage rates just hit an all-time historic low of 4.85%.

They must have missed class the day they taught that all the money was in the banks because these two held up a high school.

And this public school principal missed the whole ‘don’t make the kids say Buddhist prayers‘ rule.

Retired world champion tennis player Kim Clijsters is heading back onto the court one year after having her baby.

Lindsay Lohan’s latest film, Labor Pains, gets a premature birth on basic cable.


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