Morning Brew 03-28-09

Posted by: , February 28, 2009 in 7:30 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

If you think your kids are growing up too fast, just wait until they get kidney stones.

… and erectile dysfunction?

A new study concludes that ADHD drugs have no long term impact on symptoms and actually stunt children’s growth.

An early study using stem cells looks like a dramatic breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes.

In a disturbing trend, another teenage girl is arrested, facing child pornography charges and a lifetime label as a sex offender for posting nude photos of herself on MySpace.

For some reason, the Texas Board of Education is still debating evolution.

Kansas has a new law requiring abortion clinics to offer patients the option to see sonograms or listen to fetal heartbeat monitor before proceeding with their procedure.

For the family that has everything (including a spare $57K), Tesla Motors reveals their new electric family sedan foe 2011.

The brain thirsty aliens at took another big step toward global domination by signing up Disney’s ABC network shows.

Wallace and Gromit want to inspire young inventors with a grand day out at the Science Museum.

It’s a girl! Madonna is adopting a baby in Malawi (or trying to, but not if the grandmother has anything to say about it).


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