Baby Bjorn Review

Posted by: , March 1, 2009 in 10:57 pm

baby bjorn sweepstakes giveaway Baby Bjorn ReviewI am not an octopus.  I’m sorry if that seems a self-evident statement, but sometimes I have to remind myself, and those around me, that although it seems I can do everything at once, in actuality, I only have two hands.  It seems I am not the first to be caught in this predicament.  Which is how the Baby Bjorn came in to being and why it continues to be the first item on every mother-to-be’s registry.

The thing is if it were up to me, I really would carry my baby around with me all the time.  I love the closeness, the body contact, even feeling her weight in my arms.  I do not love that I am unable to do anything other than carry her when I am carrying her.

Enter – the Baby Bjorn.  This product has been around since the beginning of time and it has lightened the load of countless parents around the world.  This baby carrier allows you to do things while carrying your baby.  Hiking, shopping, cooking dinner and sending an e-mail are all things that require the use of your hands.  And they are all things you can do while your baby is chilling in his Bjorn.

The Baby Bjorn was ergonomically designed to support the child and to allow supreme comfort for the adult.  A unique feature of the Bjorn is that when a child has grown and developed greater head and neck strength you can turn the baby around and face her out so she can take a look at the world.  A lot of popular carriers these days are extremely complicated to figure out how to use correctly.  Many of them are simple fabrics folded in a specific way, and although I personally enjoyed those items earlier in my child’s life, I had a number of friends who were put off by how complicated they were to get “right”.  They never felt that the carriers were secure, therefore they could never relax while wearing them and ultimately they used them fairly infrequently.  These are not problems you will encounter with the Baby Bjorn.  It is simple, intuitive, secure and Dads love them!  After 35 years in the business, Baby Bjorn has really got it right.  They are releasing a new line of Bjorns this year called “Original Spirit”.  It is the same comfort and reliability of the classic Baby Bjorn, but it is being offered in eight vibrant colors each with black straps.  We tried the Green Energy and it really does put a little pep in your step watching your child being toted around by your husband in an electric green pouch.

There is a reason why the name Baby Bjorn is synonymous with the concept of a baby-carrier.  There are new carriers out every year with new gimmicks enticing parents to try other forms of carriers, but all the bells and whistles in the world won’t overcome the distinct advantage Baby Bjorn has – it is simple, reliable, easy to use and comfortable for babies and parents.

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