Morning Brew 04-02-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

Top news headlines for parentsThe White House wants to see results in return for the $100 billion stimulus being handed out by the Dept. of Education.

Brain surgery for a Heroes star’s son has greatly reduced the frequency of his epileptic seizures.  Now the actor, Greg Grunberg, is building an online community for families dealing with the disorder.

A simple one day test and treatment for HPV could cut cervical cancer deaths in half.

After her 9 year old son dies from leukemia, a mother faces serious charges for failing to fill most of his prescriptions and missing treatments.  Needles to say, her lawyer has not ruled out a psychiatric defense.

Women who deliver two or more babies at a time siginificantly increase their risk of postpartum depression.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Come May 1st, all bets are off.

Teen vegetarianism might actually be a symptom of serious eating disorders.

… and kids who have regular family dinners together are more likely to develop healthier eating habits.

Is AT&T’s $50 netbook deal worth it?

The Manning Brothers (and dad too) get drafted by Scholastic to write a children’s book.

After 72 years, The Guiding Light goes out.

16 year old Miley Cyrus doesn’t see anything wrong with dating her 20 year boyfriend because she “loves him so much”.

Party of Five star Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley just had their third child- little Jackson Kayse Wolf.


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