Morning Brew 04-04-09

Posted by: , March 4, 2009 in 9:21 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 04 04 09After their son was bullied into suicide, his parents sue his high school for not protecting him from the merciless taunting (in front of teachers) that drove him to his grave.

A dramatic display in New York’s Central Park using baby strollers highlights the odds of having autism.

Rewinding a few days, the NAAPC is suing to end the “enslavement” of frozen embryos.  Was this an April’s Fools joke?

The Happiest Place on Earth is a little less happy today for some as Disney announced the layoffs of 1,900 theme park employees.

The reality of the recession makes it to reality TV as HGTV gives families a chance to win a mortgage payoff.

Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr hit the stage tonight in support of the David Lynch Foundation’s effort to teach one million children how to meditate.

Unwed teen dad Levi Johnston is appearing on The Tyra Banks Show on Monday.  Sarah Palin calls whatever he is going to say “flat-out lies, gross exaggeration and even distortion“.

Little Elliot DeNiro’s kept his nanny busy with over 750 hours of overtime and now she wants Bobby D to pay up.

Brothers & Sisters star Rachel Giffiths claims she is nicer pregnant.

The Malawi judge who denied Madonna’s adoption request had a “gripping temptation” to grant it but was concerned about the potential grave consequences of… trading in an orphanage for a mansion.  No comment from the little girl but I am sure we couldn’t print it here if we had one.


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