Morning Brew 04-06-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 04 06 09The new Secretary of Education is looking for local school boards with the courage to reform the failing system.

Verbal and physical abuse is running rampant in UK schools… except this time it’s parents abusing teachers.

Schools are trying to keep an eye on students and they’re using Facebook to do it.

In a really well thought out plan, a Pennsylvania Catholic diocese wants to make sure that four regional colleges are not providing or promoting the use of birth control to their students.

Meanwhile, a Virginia high schooler was suspended and may be expelled for taking a birth control pill.

Yale researchers think autistic children lack the ability to recognize social movement indicators like changes in facial expression and intead focus on bigger physical motions connected with sounds.

With a mix-up by a nurse, a one day old baby ends up nursed by the wrong mother.  No word yet if the kid is emotionally scarred for life yet.

A good night’s sleep and a long afternoon nap might be the best learning tool yet.

One upside of the economy is that people are taking fewer road trips leading highway deaths to plunge to their lowest level since 1961.

If you’re looking to teach your children the value of money, the Boston Globe gives a thumbs up to The Millionaire Kids Club.

Believe it or not, Hollywood has two, yes two, Easter Bunny movies hopping down the bunny trail.

Mom-to-be and celebrity dieter Carnie Wilson has decided to draw the line at 42 lbs as the limit for her pregnancy weight gain.


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