Morning Brew 04-09-09

Posted by: , March 9, 2009 in 8:10 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 04 09 09A pair of doctors want the use of two popular drugs used to treat children stopped after linking them to fatal liver damage.

A new study shows millions of asthma suffers who are taking acid reflux medication do not show any benefit from this treatment.

In a move that might finally result in a meaningful change to the system, President Obama established an official office for healthcare reform.

Since nothing is better for a child’s self-esteem than officially being labelled ‘fat’, Massachusetts schools are going to start sending parents weight report cards, grading students on their body mass index.

I don’t think I want to know what “brown fat” is, but it supposedly helps you lose weight.

The NY Times looks at grandparenting in a recession.

… and slow parenting?

Kids, those little joys of their lives, actually make parents less happy.

That Harvard college education is now free on YouTube.

Facebook is now “200 million strong“.

Ashlee Simpson uses Twitter to show off her son, Bronx.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston open up to People about their son’s tragic death.

Nadya Suleman answers the burning question of how a single mom, unemployed for almost a decade, paid for in vitro treatments.


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