Morning Brew 04-18-09

Posted by: , March 18, 2009 in 8:39 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 04 18 09The birth control control pill may counteract the benefits of muscle building exercise.

And exercise just might be included by your doctor in your next prescription.

Laughter can help diabetics build a healthier (and happier) heart.

A happy smile in youth can indicate a stronger marriage later.

The Today Show looks at Today’s Moms and making it through your baby’s first year:

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Thanks to Barbie, Mattel’s stock rose even though they reported a bigger than expect loss.

… even as the normally bullet-proof videogame market fell a whopping 17% for March.

A Federal judge bans a school from making kids sing “In God We Still Trust“.

He’s only in 5th grade but he already has a full college scholarship lined up.

And if your kids are college shopping and looking for the top party school, score some coolness points and tell them it’s the University of Miami.


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