Morning Brew 04-21-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 04 21 09The results are not conclusive, but it looks like babies who need to be resuscitated at birth may have lower IQ’s later in life even if they seem alright in early development.

Gravity turns out to be a help in shortening labor by an average of one hour.

Do schools need to become fast food free zones?

Junk food makers know exactly what buttons to push to activate the brain’s “conditioned hypereating” response.

And, as if we don’t know it already, more info shows that soft drinks with fructose are not good for us.

A study reveals that women with psoriasis were 63% more likely to develop diabetes.

A look at making single parenting work:

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Teen prom girls come under surveillance in the changing room as the FBI turns The Cinderella Project into Operation Peeping Tom.

And parents put their own kids under surveillance with new cellphone apps.

NBC is working on a TV series update of the 1989 hit film Parenthood, lining up Monica Potter, Maura Tierney and Peter Krause to star.

The father of Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali says he only met with the people trying to buy his daughter out of politeness.

Tim Allen is finding new fatherhood even easier the second time around.

Following up on Susan Boyle’s surprise performance, Britain’s Got Talent has another underdog making a big noise- this time a 12 year old boy:


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