Morning Brew 04-23-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 04 23 09Jennifer Lopez spreads the word about whooping cough and it’s potentially fatal danger to babies.

Following a federal court order, the FDA announced it will revise its rules and allow 17 year old girls access to the morning-after pill without a prescription.

Research indicates the best way to get kids to be careful about sunburn damage might be to show them the actual damage they are doing to their skin.

A new procedure looks to freeze the biological clock for women by freezing their eggs:

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President Obama is looking for some consumer protection in the credit card biz.

The newest cool thing for teens to do at the mall-  save money.

With colleges feeling the pain in the recession just like everyone else, some schools are creating new case studies for their Ethics 101 classes by unrestricting their restricted donations, against their benefactors wishes.

The recession is also bringing about a new wave of Mr. Moms.

And the sad state of retirement plans has some people looking more closing at those managing their nest eggs:

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If you made the mistake last year of buying HD-DVD instead of Blu-ray, Warner Bros. is offering you an option to exchange your coasters for movies.

After only two days on sale and an immediate public outcry, Baby Shaker, the iPhone app which lets you shake a crying baby until it quiets down, finds itself deleted from Apple’s virtual store shelf.

From the Wasn’t It Just Yesterday File:   one of the little kids from Hanson of Mmmm Bop fame talks about his latest album and… his four kids!

Disney celebrated Earth Day with the release of it’s nature doc, Earth, and a gave a sneak peek at Oceans, coming to theaters on Earth Day 2010.

Former supermodel Kathy Ireland looks for Real Solutions for Busy Moms:


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