Morning Brew 04-29-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 04 29 09Tragically, a 23-month old toddler in Texas becomes the first fatal victim of swine flu in America.

Meanwhile, the government is warning that it could take until January to get enough swine flu vaccine ready for everyone in the country.

With 60 percent of Americans breathing unhealthy air, a new report looks at the cities with the worst air pollution.

Researchers have found a common genetic mutation among the victims of autism that could potentially lead to treatment or even a cure:

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A 17 year old high school junior is missing after running off on spring break without permission.

Concern about Advanced Placement courses is being voiced by many teachers worried about its rapid growth and the number of students finding themselves in over their heads.

After budget cuts killed the music program at an elementary school, a talented 11 year old musician is stepping up to lead the band.

Parents that speak English as a second language are being taught how to be more involved with their children’s education:

Sarah Jessica Parker had more sex in the city with husband Matthew Broderick and now they are expecting twins.

Jennifer Garner is enjoying the “happy chaos” of baby #2.

And Working Mother magazine picks 30 moms to salute for their achievement in finding that work-life balance that is so important for families:

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