Morning Brew 03-29-09

Posted by: , March 30, 2009 in 8:00 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

You should start seeing more money in your take-home pay within the week as Obama’s tax cut kicks in.

What happens to child support when unemployment skyrockets?

From Michigan to Florida, a look at 4 families surviving foreclosure.

The search for revenue might lead Florida to lower the casino gambling age from 21 to 18.

Smart bets are on the other school’s wrestling team as a midddle school adopts an absolute “no touching” policy.

And a high school is bringing in the drug sniffing dogs.

After 100 students and staff are stricken with the norovirus, Babson College shuts down.

Proving their grandmothers right, the UK has put 200 children on their terrorist watch list.

Although nobody seemed to know it, yesterday was Passport Day to highlight the the new rules and benefits of having one (you’ll even need a Passport to go to Canada!).

The next time your kids are playing in the dirt and saying they’re “working on something big” it really might be Mammoth.

Save the Children doesn’t want Madonna to adopt because the girl will be better off in Malawi than becoming one of the richest kids on the planet.


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