Morning Brew 03-30-09

Posted by: , March 31, 2009 in 7:50 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

Researchers think they now might be able to detect the signs of autism in infancy.

Penn State has its 40th case of bacterial meningitis.

… and California schools might start seeing all sorts outbreaks as more and more parents are fighting mandatory vaccinations.

For Good Deeds Day, a youth orchestra played a concert for Holocaust survivors and ended up condemned for their efforts.

Now with more reason to hate them, those highly motivated kids who succeed early in life as class president and team captain are also more successful at having larger families than their classmates.

Those violent video games your kids love might be really good for your eyesight too.

A New York school district is taking the fight against teen drinking directly to the parents.

Mobicip wants to help you keep an eye on your kid’s iPhone habits.

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy and the 100 Hours of Astronomy celebration starts April 2nd.

Monsters Vs. Aliens has a monster weekend at the box office.

Tim Allen and his wife just had a baby, Elizabeth, born Saturday and weighing in at 5 pounds 13 ounces.


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