Morning Brew 03-31-09

Posted by: , April 1, 2009 in 7:44 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

The FDA wants everyone to stop eating pistachios until a nationwide recall of salmonella-infected nuts is completed.

After starving her 1 year old baby to death because he didn’t say “amen” after dinner, a cult member plead guilty to child abuse… but only after prosecutors promised to drop all charges once the baby is resurrected.

A German family seeks asylum in America, claiming persecution against home schooling.

Babies who gain weight too quickly in those first few months face long term consequences of obesity later on.

Nearly 2 million teens are clinically depressed, many never getting any help, so Health and Human Services is recommending screenings and treatment.

After Good Morning America exposed the questionable claims made by makers of the Brassage, the miracle massaging bra, it was quickly pulled from the market yesterday.

Disney is taking baby steps as they test out YouTube with short clips and snippets of shows.

The Conficker computer virus is set to strike a new attack tomorrow on the 15 million computers it has already infected. Is your computer safe?

Gisele Bundchen feels like she is her new stepson’s mother “100 percent”.  I guess it is a good thing she has never even met his mother.

It’s a girl!  Buffy co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof welcomed their daughter Satyana into the world last week.

And Halle Berry is thinking about baby #2.


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