Morning Brew 05-01-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 05 01 09As the swine flu rolls on, the NYT looks back at the lessons learned from the last major outbreak in 1976.

After being sold into marriage by her father for $13,000, that 8-year old girl in Saudi Arabia has finally been allowed to divorce her 50-year old husband.

The recession is hitting all areas of the economy hard… including child support payments:


After two other crib recalls in the last year, Jardine recalls almost 100,000 more cribs sold at Babies ‘R’ Us, Toys ‘R’ Us and other retailers, due to a design flaw which can potentially strangle babies.

A bipartisan legislative effort is underway in the Senate seeking to ban junk food in school vending machines.

Yesterday, Facebook successfully defeated a phishing worm that had attacked the site, seeking many users login info for the purpose of identity theft.

Mattel is getting some ink in the news about the ink they gave Barbie as the iconic doll sports her new tattoos:

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Blurring the line between commercials and programming even further, Hasbro and Discovery are joining forces to create a new cable channel for children (to replace the floundering Discovery Kids network).

Meanwhile, Disney is signing on-board to add their ABC and Disney shows to the ever-growing roster of programming on in return for a cheap 30 percent stake in the site.

Why she didn’t want her third to be a girl.

An industry insider considers the options for a newly unemployed mom in Hollywood.

Finally, some gift ideas to help you figure out what mom really wants for Mother’s Day:

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