Pajama Day

Posted by: , April 1, 2009 in 9:44 am

I win the bad mommy award for this week. It was 6:30 AM and to be fair I was half asleep when my 4 year old son told me that he wanted to wear his pajamas to school. I told him to put his clothes on. Then he said that all the kids are wearing pajamas to school and I said, “ha, ha, very funny, get your clothes on.” Needless to say, he went to school with his normal clothes on. We have a driving drop off at our school so I didn’t see anyone in his class when I brought him. But when I picked him up I saw his teacher come out in a full nightgown and slippers. Then a friend of his emerged in spiderman sleepies. Uh oh. Then he came out and happily jumped into the car. I told his teacher I didn’t know it was pajama day and she pointed out that it was on the calendar. Who checks the calendar every day? Apparently every other mom in the class. I asked her why they didn’t call me when he showed up without pajamas. I would’ve come back with them. She told me that he announced he didn’t want to wear his pajamas. So basically my son covered for me. How sad is that! Yup, bad mommy award.


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