Morning Brew 05-03-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

Kids used to be able to learn about sex on the street but, in some communities, they’re getting their best sex ed info from the cellphone.

An initial review of patient data suggests a potential link between the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil and a rare nervous system disorder.

Add a higher risk of lower body injuries, like twisted ankles, to the list of negative health effects of obesity in children.

Katie Couric delves into the medical issues behind the Hydroxycut recall:

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A USAF airman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for intentionally causing his wife’s miscarriage by poisoning her with ulcer medicine.

It took close to 50 years to do it, but a judge finds that Galveston’s schools are finally free of segregation.

Because it’s what Jesus would do, a California Lutheran high school fought to assert their right to expel two lesbian students and won in the CA Supreme Court.

The $20 billion private student loan business is thriving but it also holds pitfalls for unwary borrowers.

With the latest news of Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins on the way, the spotlight turns on to surrogacy as the rising new option for prospective parents:

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Being such a loving father, he as never even met his daughter, but he knows for sure that he wants his daughter to stay in the orphanage rather than be adopted by Madonna.

Daughter Honor Marie is not even one year old yet but Jessica Alba is anxious to have two or three more babies.

A look at Hollywood’s hottest moms.

… and celebrity dads with their kids.

Grammy-winning violinist Joshua Bell takes the time to promote the educational opportunities that allowed him to succeed:


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