Morning Brew 05-09-09

Posted by: , April 9, 2009 in 9:27 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

Overeating, not a lack of exercise, is almost entirely to blame for the dramatic increase in obesity in America.

Losing your job may be worse for your health than it is for your finances.

President Obama wants legislation to reform the credit card industry, with better protection for consumers, on his desk by Memorial Day.

The eternal showdown between Good Mothers and Bad Mothers continues:

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His Christian high school already bans rock music, dancing and… hand holding… and now they are banning an Ohio teen from going to his girlfriend’s prom under the threat of expulsion.

Households using cellphones-only now outnumber those with landlines.

The precocious author of How To Talk To Girls, Alec Greven, returns with a new book – How To Talk To Moms:

Spider-Man Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer now have a Spider-Baby Boy.

Boston Legal star Julie Bowen and her husband are now the proud parents of newborn twin boys.

Seal revealed that wife Heidi Klum is expecting a girl.

And the votes are in on the most popular names for boys and girls:

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