Morning Brew 05-10-09

Posted by: , April 10, 2009 in 9:49 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

For those with older loved ones on Social Security, keep an eye out for scams that are targeting $13 billion worth of stimulus funds being distributed to recipients this month.

They were saying this when I was a kid and they are still saying it now: children see too many junk food ads on television.

The Best High School Ever orders up shot glasses as souvenirs for the prom.

Dealing with complex and difficult mother-daughter relationships:

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Some successful women say all the credit should go to their moms.

Mothering doctors and doctors that are mothers.

It’s about time that motherhood got a historical timeline for the last 100 years.

A last minute primer for a recession friendly home-made Mother’s Day brunch:

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A few celebrity mom’s private pictures.

Nia Vardalos talks about becoming a mom overnight with the adoption of her daughter.

No longer just the bread bakers, mothers are also now the bread winners:


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