Rest in Peace

Posted by: , April 10, 2009 in 5:18 pm

Earlier this week I found out that a friend of mine had died.  He had a heart attack.  Although I had not seen him in over four years, I was shocked.  And, deeply saddened by the news.

Before I became a full-time stay-at-home mom, I worked in the collections department of a large bank.  Quite honesty, I hated my job.  But, I will always be grateful for the people I met there.  I made a lot of good friends and Larry was one of them.  Larry was a heavyset fellow.  Kinda messy and unkempt.  He was rude and abrasive.  He rubbed almost everyone the wrong way…until they got to know him.

When I received the email telling me of Larry’s passing I must say I was shocked on two levels.  First, the obvious.  Second, the fact that anyone bothered to notify me at all.  You see, when you drop out of Corporate America to start a family you agree to vacate the world as you know it.  People attempt to keep in touch.  They email and/or visit for a year, maybe more.  But, eventually you find yourself on the Island of Misfit Employees.  The men with whom you were friends may no longer correspond with you because now it constitutes some sort of forbidden  male-female friendship that is not protected under co-worker privilege.  The same guy who co-workers once considered your “Work Husband” is no longer comfortable being your friend.  The women who once knew you better than you know yourself also disappear.  They are absorbed in their new friendships.  We women are known for our cliquishness, right?  Out of sight, out of mind.  I get it.

When I contacted a few of my fellow employees to give them the courtesy of knowing Larry had passed, I also discovered some of my former co-workers have married, divorced, had babies, lost loved ones and I was not privy to a bit of it.  I suppose I should be happy.  I didn’t have to spend a dime on a wedding gift, a sorry-you-got-divorced card, a baby shower present or a sympathy gesture.

In four years I have managed to become virtually invisible.  By the end of this year, I imagine I’ll be a ghost.

I must admit, however…all those people I befriended while a member of the corporate workforce will always hold a special place in my heart.  And, the others…

To The Guy Who Carried a Human Head in His Messenger Bag:  Hope You Got the Help You Need

To The Temp With The Flip Flops  and the Toe Fungus:  Open-Toed Shoes Are Not Acceptable in the Workplace (At Least For You).

To The Woman Who Brought Salami, a Loaf of Bread & American Cheese into The Office  When It Was Her Turn To Bring The Doughnuts:  Seriously!  What Didn’t You Understand?

To The Woman Who Used to Eat Last Night’s Leftover Pork Chops (Out Of Her Desk Drawer):  The Lunchroom Was Just Down The Hall To Your Right.  It Had Tables and Chairs.  And, Refrigerators.

You know…now that I think of it, maybe being here on the Island of Misfit Employees is actually, Paradise!

Rest in Peace, Larry.  YOU will be missed.


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