Morning Brew 05-11-09

Posted by: , April 11, 2009 in 5:07 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

Minnesota bans the sale of items containing BPA like baby bottles and other beverage containers.

Fringe benefits might get a little more beneficial health-wise as Congress mulls tax credits and subsidies for employers who provide wellness programs for workers.

One mother is fighting childrens’ cancer with cookies:
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The cost of mailing a letter just went up today.

One high school teacher, a Vietnam vet drafted at the age of 19, is roiled by the military recruiters who target his students.

In return for a five year commitment to public service, that four year college tuition can turn out be free for motivated students.

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Two mothers who are running their own companies share their business advice with other moms.

And Hollywood mompreneurs are building their own successful business ventures behind the scenes.

Jennifer Lopez recalls her medical scare with her 3-week old daughter.

For now, Sandra Bullock isn’t sure that children are in her future.

Saturday Night Live celebrated Mother’s Day in their own special way (with help from Justin Timberlake and Susan Sarandon):


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