Morning Brew 05-13-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

The CDC has issued a warning to pregnant women about the swine flu and strongly recommend antiviral drugs if infection is suspected.

Folic acid fortification can dramatically decrease the risk of babies being born with severe congenital heart defects but this can lead to risks for the elderly.

The ACLU and Yeshiva University are figthing to stop a company from claiming a patent on two human genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer.

His own high school threatened to suspend him for dancing if he attended his girlfriend’s prom and they kept to their word:

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It should be common sense that doggy doors can pose a deadly risk to unsupervised toddlers but some parents think they should be warned about this and are suing after living the ultimate tragedy.

The FDA thinks Cheerios has gone a little too far in making claims about lowering cholesterol.

No big surprise that the majority of Americans are tightening their vacation budgets this year.

For some families, the less square footage they have the better:

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For her fourth time around, Project Runway host Heidi Klum is going to give maternity clothes a try with the special help of designer Christian Siriano.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife welcomed their third child on Sunday.

Pubslishers Weekly serves up a shelf full of children’s book reviews.

HarperCollins is giving Sarah Palin a chance to tell her side of the story “unfiltered” by the evil media.

And Afterbirth author Dani Klein Modisett stopped by The Today Show to talk about the funny side of parenting:

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